Tom Swoon & Swanky Tunes – Last Goodbye

Tom Swoon and Swanky Tunes joined forces and presented us with their newest collaboration, “Last Goodbye” It has been a long time coming since Tom Swoon’s last major release and this time, he decides to hit us with something that’s a little harder than his usual style.

Tom Swoon, known for his work in melodic progressive tracks such as “Wait” and “Here I Stand”, has an exceptional ability to craft intense buildups and euphoric drops. Combined with Swanky Tunes’ “uplifting anthemic sound”, we get a beast called “Last Goodbye”

The track breaks in with dark, ominous sounding vocals, creating a suspenseful feeling. Then hits the fierce bass line, smoothly transitioning into climax of the track. This is definitely something we would be hearing a lot of in the next couple months, so tune in!

Available now on Beatport.


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