Tomorrowland announces its plan for an Unexpected headliner

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Tomorrowland, the promise land for all ravers, is only 2 weeks away and it is here to announce the most surprising headliner of them all. The National Orchestra of Belgium will be performing as “The Symphony of Unity” at the festival!

As seen from last year, ID&T has a knack for bringing in talents from different fields to create revolutionizing music. They premiered the “Tomorrowland hymn” by renowned composer Hans Zimmer in 2014 and it truly adds a more complex flavor to the festival. It fully embodies the “by all-for all” quality that Tomorrowland possesses.

The minute long video shows the orchestra rehearsing for the genre-merging performance and the spokesperson expressing his excitement. He stated “The arrangements are… to my opinion, very, very rich and variated. A lot of [gasps] freezing moments and then…you have all the fireworks, which is going out, which is possible with – don’t forget – real, normal instruments. I think it will be fun.”


The Orchestra is scheduled to perform on Sunday (July 26th) at the Opera Stage on the festival grounds. Be sure not to miss out on the spectacle.