Tomorrowland’s New Theme Unveiled

Tomorrowland has become a force of nature within the festival scene, capturing the hearts and interest of people from every background, gender and race. And with it’s return to Belgium edging ever nearer, the new teaser trailer has added fuel towards our desires to go.

The new trailer introduces a new theme for the ‘Land of Tomorrow’, one where music is at the core.

It follows the travels of a group of children finding their way to an abandoned house, where they find an object that transports them to another world, a world featuring creatures unseen and adventures unknown. The youthful nature of the trailer captures the essence of Tomorrowland, the pure enjoyment, with the melodic dubstep in the background only heightening the atmosphere.

“The Secret Kingdom Of Melodia: Chapter 1” will no doubt be the first of many to create timeless stories and superb production for Tomorrowland’s next phase.

See the teaser trailer below:

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