Tragedy strikes Rob Swire of Knife Party

Knife Party has been seeing huge successes in the past few years. Their most recent album “Abandon Ship” in 2014 really put them on the map as dubstep geniuses. Not only did they gain an enormous fan base over time, they definitely established themselves as one of the top go-to DJs for those who prefer a harder style.

However, as the saying goes, “what goes up must come down”. Earlier today, Rob Swire of Knife Party tweeted some awful news with regards to the lost of hearing in his left ear. This has been catching a lot media attention and leaving the world worried sick, as Rob has not updated us on the situation.

Our best wishes goes out to him and pray that it is only a temporary situation that could be fixed with the medical attention sought.

The Dance Music community DJ’s have been showing Rob Swire support via Twitter: