Volt & State vs Manse – Falling Down (feat. Jamie Drake)

Dutch duo Volt & State shows no signs of stopping lately, with releases on major labels that getting to the top of Beatport’s charts, and now they are teaming up with upcoming talent Manse and vocalist Jamie Drake to elaborate a majestic tune, under the name of “Falling Down”.

The track is being released on Armada Trice, and this is already a synonym of quality… and it is! A really nice melody is accompanied a by a very fitting bassline and some good kicks. And let me tell you this, Jamie Drake may not be a big name yet, but her voice is phenomenal, and it will get you in the mood of the track instantly, just in time to prepare you for a fantastic drop. A clear example of how modern progressive house can still be beautiful after its golden age.

Available now on Beatport.


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