Volt & State Create “Sandcastles”

Volt & State’s beginning wasn’t the most normal for a duo. Meeting on a Laidback Luke forum many years ago, and after working as individual artists trying to out-do each other, the dutch pair combined forces, becoming the artists we know and love today. After already releasing this year the emphatic “Falling Down” on Armada, and collaborating with Nicky Romero for the empowering “Warriors”, the duo have yet another electronic masterpiece ready for world.

Dropping on Protocol Records, Volt & State continue their streak of impressive progressive tunes. The modern resurgence of the genre’s short-format has seen many artists deliver quality tracks, yet the duo have adopted a habit for creating some of the finest. The diffused beat and smooth piano melody act as an introductory platform for the vocals – which in my opinion are some of the best this year. Building triumphantly with an emerging kick-drum and increasing tempo, the killer melody is joined by a driving undercurrent of synths and layering. With the emotive lyrics reemerging, the harmonized backing vocals lead in the return of another dose of the tracks infectious progressive sound.

The tracks theme of love seems more than suitable. With a massive 2015, the pair for Holland really have made their mark on the scene as rising stars. With production form such as this, there’s little wonder Nicky Romero has mentioned them as contenders to reach the top of the game some day. With 4 months left in the year, and the summer season still not over, Volt & Status look set to continue their dominating streak within the progressive house genre – a happy set of circumstances in our opinion!


See Volt & State debut “Sandcastles” with Nicky Romero on Protocol Radio Episode 150 here


“Sandcastles” is available on August 8th

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