Why Is Tomorrowland So Special?

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Tomorrowland 2015 is right around the corner. You may have noticed that every year it seems to get a huge amount of attention from anyone that’s going and indeed, not going!

But why you ask? What makes it the Mecca of the Electronic and Dance music community? I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Tomorrowland’s 10 Year Anniversary in 2014, and I have compiled my Top 8 reasons for its success from my personal experience.

The attention to detail.


An unbelievable amount of effort goes into the production of the stages and decorations. It brings the festival into a league of its own, creating the most surreal visual experience to match the diverse wealth of music available. This is all located within Belgium’s incredibly scenic De Schorre Recreational Grounds, surrounded by lakes and forests, giving you the illusion you have stepped into a fantasy world.

The Luxury.

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If you’re desperate to go to a festival, but slumming it out in a soggy tent in the middle of a muddy field for 5 days isn’t your cup of tea then Tomorrowland may provide you with an answer to the dilemma. A host of luxury accommodations are available. They range from tents set up for you before you come, equipped with electricity, cabins with beds and a hot tub, to a couple of Tomorrowland mansions that come with a fully stocked fridge and a maid service for you and up to 12 mates. As you can imagine, the latter doesn’t come cheap so best to save up for that one.

The Weather.


The weather is generally outstanding. Last year the temperature stayed in and around the 30’s and during Week 1 there were some brief, cooling showers on the last day which were pretty much welcomed with jubilation by everyone at the main stage. Now, this weather isn’t out of the ordinary for music festivals, which typically take place in the summer. However, what you may not know is that organisers play a role in actually manipulating the weather! Hail cannons – which are normally used on farms to prevent damage to crops – are used to disperse rain clouds in the morning, keeping the festival mostly rain free for the rest of the day! Incredible.

The Line Up.


Due to its immense popularity, Tomorrowland hasn’t struggled with booking an incredible set of DJ’s in the last couple of years. This year is no exception, featuring appearances from but not limited to: Avicii, Axwell/Ingrosso, Armin Van Buuren, Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Hardwell, Afrojack, Steve Angello and official residents Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. However, this is just on the main stage. Last year there were just under 20 stages available over the 3 days, featuring 100’s of DJ’s representing every genre you can think of, satisfying the thirst of every fan.

The Food.

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 15.45.50

One of the things people generally don’t look forward to at festivals is the cold chips and plastic pizza that is usually on offer. Admittedly most people are too intoxicated to care a great deal about what they are eating and are far more interested in what they are drinking! Having said that, if sub-standard food does not appeal to you then have no fear, you will never go hungry at Tomorrowland. The festival takes pride in its huge range of cuisine from around the world, literally anything you can think of, they probably have it. My personal favourite was a stall in the camp site that made freshly made smoothies for you – a delicious cure for a dehydration and alcohol induced hangover! For all those looking for a premium experience, vouchers are available to buy before the festival which gain you access to restaurants of the finest quality. Some provide you with massages between meals while others have DJ’s play live sets for you while you eat.



Dreamville is Tomorrowland’s camping area. In the centre of the camping area is what can only be described as a mini town. Featuring a bakery, butchers, official Tomorrowland store, a tattoo parlour, a radio station and a supermarket, there is never any need to leave the festival in search of supplies. It truly is home away from home.

The Aftermovie.

Quite possibly the reason why Tomorrowland’s popularity has increased exponentially is because of the incredibly aesthetic videos that they release in the Autumn after each festival has been. I myself, have lost count of the number of times I watched the 2012 Aftermovie. With the soundtracks put together by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and the latest Aftermovie featuring some silky slow-mo shots of beautiful girls swishing their hair around, it sums up everything Tomorrowland is really about.

The People.


Labelled as the People of Tomorrow; as cheesy as it sounds, the term aptly describes the people that frequent the festival each year. There is an atmosphere in the grounds that I have not been able to recapture since I went, a feeling of unity and belonging. I put it down to the fact that due to the sheer demand for tickets, the lucky ones that do manage to get theirs hands on some, really do feel a sense of appreciation for the festival once they are there. I didn’t see one glum face in 5 days! Lets be honest, a festival can have all the DJ’s, visuals, gimmicks, perfect location… But without an audience that is ready to get stuck in, it all counts for nothing.

If you were not able to get a ticket, there will be a live stream available in the evenings so you can experience some of the magic. And to all those who are going, make it an experience you will never forget!

Image Sources: Tomorrowland.com

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