Zedd Talks Lady Gaga And Reveals The Track That Started It All

It has been 2 months since Zedd’s most recent album “True Colors” has dropped, and he is here to reveal some interesting facts about it. “Addicted To A Memory”, a featured track on “True Colors”, was in fact a three-year-old production and has played a major role in launching Zedd’s career.

Lady Gaga received a demo of “Addicted To A Memory” while she was working on her album “ARTPOP”. She was so impressed by it that she asked for Zedd’s assistance on producing the album and eventually helped him land a record deal with Interscope Records.

From there, Zedd was able to rise to the top and even win a Grammy Award for “Clarity” back in 2012. It was not until “True Colors” that we are able to enjoy the track that started it all.

During his interview with The New York Times, Zedd expressed that each track on “True Colors” started out as a piano demo:

“For the first time I had the courage to just go ahead and write a song that is almost fully acoustic … and put it on the album as is, without making it electronic, without feeling like the world would not understand me,” he said.

He further explained his thought on the track “Addicted To A Memory”:

“I think you can hear my actual development as an artist within the song,” he said. “It’s almost like a time lapse of my career.”

Read the entire interview here.

It is truly amazing to see how an artist like Zedd has grown throughout the years and decides to feature the career-starter in retrospect. Check out the track below.

Source: NYTimes.com