Arty Announces “Glorious” Album Tour

Immediately following the announcement on the release date (October 9th) of his debut album, Arty is back with more good news. He will be doing a “Glorious” album world tour comes August 15th. As previously mentioned:

Arty has been working on the album for over 2 years, exploring a handful of different genres and different styles of musical ideas. It has been announced that the album will include some pop records, indie-dance, older progressive house sounds and more.

We are beyond excited about this update, Arty has steadily impressed the public with his ingenious melodic production in the past few years – with the exploration of genres ranging from progressive house to pop to trance. His versatility is no secret and has secured him a utmost respected spot in the community. And now, we will be able to enjoy the full Arty experience with his album tour to come.

Check out the phase 1 event schedule below: