Arty Delivers 3rd single from Debut album – “Braver Love”

“No Arty, No Party” is a simple phrase that will speak volumes to many of our generation.  The Russian’s adopted presence as a titan within the scene is certainly becoming more and more validated by every release from his upcoming debut album, ‘Glorious’. Titled “Braver Love” the maestro’s latest release fuses his legendary melody-making with killer vocals, culminating in a musical combination of the highest order.

Opening with a harmonic piano sequence, the entrance of Conrad’s voice brings a ‘spill-tingling’ quality with it. The love-themed lyrics lay over the top of rising chords, tempo-setting drums and distant sirens. Bringing a climatic kick-bass-led progression the track sends your mind into the stratosphere of deep thoughts and satisfied emotions. With hollow strings carrying the song to next melody infusion, the only downside is that the song stops at 3 minutes and 33 seconds.

With production form such as this, the album’s content and its expectations continue to rise for Arty’s adoring fans. Proven by the tracks eager anticipation since featuring at his EDC Las Vegas set earlier this year, Arty ever-growing fan base and appreciation is seemingly boundless.

“Braver Love” is available on iTunes and Google Play today

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