Chuckie & Bobby Puma – “Mainstage”

Dirty Dutch maestro Chuckie has been in the scene for many years now, and it seems he is planning to stay for as long as he can. Releasing music more often than most on his label Dirty Dutch, this time he is back with yet another festival banger. Along with Bobby Puma, the pair are releasing “Mainstage” to their adoring fans.

The tracks long build-up requires a patient ear but that doesn’t stop the drop from instinctively getting you to bounce. As the title of the record indicates, it is indeed a main stage banger, and with comes the likely repuation of being played on repeat around the world.

Powerful kicks and energizing electro synths deliver a well produced track. “Mainstage” also see’s Chuckie return to his roots, his signature sound that gave him the spot and reputation he has today. The dirty dutch characteristics smoothly integrates with Bobby Puma’s side, however does sound a more ‘commericial’ than some of his other material containing his unique and versatile traits we all love to listen to.

“Mainstage” is out now on Beatport


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