Dada Life – One Last Night on Earth (Remixes)

Dada life recently became world record holders, claiming the title of ‘The most people dressed as fruit at once’ – One world record more than most of us have. And while things like this can often go to your head and prompt laziness, the charismatic and cheeky Swede’s are going far from it. In fact the opposite direction. With a hectic summer schedule well-under way, they’ve called in the likes of East & Young, Speaker Of The House, Nom De Strip and Young Bombs to help remix their latest single.

After the roaring success of “One Last Night On Earth“, filling the airwaves of numerous radio stations and festivals, comes the highly anticipated Remix Package. And it delivers. Ranging across genres, from tropical house to electro to trap-infused mayhem, it’s got something for nearly everyone. As Dada Life so often do.

Kicking off the 4-track compilation is Speaker Of The House. The relative new comer to the scene has enjoyed rising fame partly thanks to featuring on the strangely beautiful clip of Peter Griffin riding a Dolphin demonstrating the joys of listening to ‘summer house’.  With over 1 million plays for this remix and his take on Jason Derulo’s “Want To Want Me” on Soundcloud, his presence on the Nocturnal wonderland line-up is no surprise. And well deserved with production such as this.

Next up is East & Young. After success with their remix of Galantis’ “Runaway (U&I)” comes another potential grower. Opting for a slower, deeper sound, the pair bring a Ten Walls “Walking With Elephants” vibe, calming the heart and soothing the soul. Coming with the characteristic of instinctive repetition, the pair look set to continue their development into the scene in 2015.

Nom De Strip has become renowned for traversing genres and creating distinctive sound, across and within his track production. His contribution to the remix package is no exception. Starting off with an electro build-up, the track converts to a trap onslaught at the drop, raising the tempo and energy to the the packages peak.

Rounding out the 4-track LP is duo, Young Bombs. With a softer, smoother electronic sound and construction, the memorable vocals become the focus once again. The gentle, motivating lyrics are accompanied by uplifting synths and synchronizing layers. A blissful end, to one of the better remix packages this year.


Available now from iTunes

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