Deadmau5 discusses catalogue, opinions & more

Deadmau5 has been pretty active in our news section over the past two weeks. From calling out Avicii and joining in on Noel Gallagher’s arguments, the characteristic Canadian has continued his reputation as the outspoken, controversial musical maestro.

Japanese website AsQme often hosts video interviews with the industry’s biggest names. Its weekly editions draw in great attention, especially when the artist is of Deadmau5’s status and reputation. Not shy of the camera to give his opinion, the Mau5head model discusses his upcoming material, the legendary head-piece design and some of his favourite artists to listen to. However, rest assured, there’s still plenty of controversy and opinion coming our way!

Check out some of the questions and Deadmau5’s responses below:

Out of all the tracks you produced, which one is your favourite?

How do you come up with your lyrics? A lot of your songs are sorrowful, I wouldn’t have expected it – I like it.

What was going through your mind when you produced Strobe?

You have another alias called f*ckmylife. Will you officially release “aassddff” and “beneath with me” in the near future? Naturally, the production sounds great.

I know Skrillex has some releases on mau5trap, but when you first heard his songs what kind of impression did you have? Also, the other day you criticised Jack Ü’s ‘Where Are Ü Now’, don’t you like the way Skrillex makes music lately or do you disagree with the stylistic changes in Skrillex’s music?

Stay tuned for more interviews as the special vlog series continues.






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