Deadmau5 Gets Called Out By Avicii

Recently Avicii took to his Instagram to give his view on Deadmau5′ relationship with the industry’s community and opinions on it’s artists musical prowess. Seemingly an instinctive move by Avicii to stand up for himself after the recent spat with Noel Gallagher, and Deadmau5′ involvement, the Swede sets himself up for a characteristic Deadmau5 response. However the scale and intensity may not be what Avicii had in mind…


Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 2.16.38 PM

Opting to go a step further than just speaking about Deadmau5’s general attitude towards the EDM label, Avicii openly mocks his musical ability and creativity. And just to add to the fire, take a look at what Avicii wrote in his description:

Hey Mau5! I get your frustration, I struggle daily in an attempt to push the envelope musically and strive with my team to bring more innovative and creative elements to everything I’m doing, both in the studio and for live stuff… Id welcome your technical input and Id gladly help you learn the piano and all the melodic musical stuff… Come over to Ibiza and join me, Id love for you to sample some of my creative juices… Its tasty stuff… Really.. Stop all the hate brother.. If you need a friend, Im here for you!! PS: You know whats more annoying than “EDM”? People moaning about EDM.

It’s pretty well established not to ‘poke the giant’. Provoking Joel over the internet is often not in your best interests…and it seems Avicii got served a heavy dose of Deadmau5′ keyboard-warrior persona.

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