deadmau5 trolls gamers with avicii levels

Deadmau5 Trolls Millions of Gamers with Levels

Deadmau5 has done it again!

After having been invited to perform at the DOTA 2 International Championships last night, Deadmau5 who is known for his trolling did something a little different but not unexpected…

Shortly after the tournament winners had received their awards, Deadmau5 took the stage to close the tournament with a short 20-min performance. With thousands of gamers and fans present and an estimated 4 million on the live stream, the king of trolls ended his set with a quick transition from Strobe to Avicii’s hit song ‘Levels’, while running a sarcastic lap around the stage and then leaving the area.

However the audience did not find it very amusing, like Deadmau5 and Valve (the company behind the game) had first planned, and the enraged gamers quickly took the criticism to Twitter, directing it towards the artist and Valve.

Deadmau5 responded the outraged community with the following tweet:

Watch the full set below: