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Diplo: ‘EDM’ Was Just A Marketing Tool

So many artists have been taking to social media in recent weeks to have their say on ‘EDM’, and it’s getting pretty heated to say the least.

Deadmau5 has been even more vocal than usual (I don’t know how either), taking to Tumblr to spank ‘lazy CD playing DJ’s’. He has even developed some serious beef with Avicii in the last couple of days after Noel Gallagher slated the Swedish producer’s performance at T in the Park, suggesting he ought to do more than just stand there and press play.

However, I don’t want to talk about Deadmau5 because honestly, he seems to spend too much time ranting on social media and worrying about other people rather than focusing on his own career. Someone I look up to far more in terms of producing and DJ’ing at the moment is Thomas Pentz a.k.a Diplo.

The man behind Jack Ü, Major Lazer and record label Mad Decent likes to take to Facebook to answer questions that fans pose to him, and he responds in a much more civilised manor. When asked by a fan about what he didn’t like about the current ‘EDM’ scene he said this:

You can definitely see where the king of dance hall is coming from. With the commercialisation of some parts of ‘EDM’, the scene as a whole has expanded in the last 4 years at a rate that is clearly not sustainable. Diplo seems to be arguing that THAT part of the genre is just one star in a galaxy full of stars. And while it may be shining more brightly than others right now, one day it will go out and we’ll still be left with the sub-genres that have endured all this time.

He finishes off by saying that he ‘loves good music, and people pushing music forward’. From what I’ve seen from Diplo so far this year, I’d say he’s definitely pushing music forward, and I like the direction. Keep it up, Mr Pentz.

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