Dirty South returns with “Find A Way”

Dirty South has become renowned for blending the electronic genre with melody, harmony and emotion. Redefining  many peoples perception of electronic music.

His latest track has been touring the scene as an “ID”. However it’s not simply just that. It’s THE “ID”. Debuting at Ultra Music Festival, featuring in his Coachella set and being uploaded onto the iconic Proximity Youtube channel as a “ID” it’s certainly a track not to underestimate. The fact it is just an instrumental and yet has still made big waves within the industry suggests it’s something rather special. Now with the title “Find A Way” and the heavenly vocals of Rudy, Dirty South’s “ID” is set to be released on August 28th.

The vocal version of the track, unlike so many ‘vocalised’ instrument track, actually adds to the already intense and fulfilling atmosphere. With an uplifting lyrical theme, the extended melody really does carry the sense of optimism portrayed. Opening with the melodic sequence, Rudy’s echoed vocals overlay the rising layers that lead towards ‘that’ progression. With light and active synths, “Find A Way” reaches a crescendo in perfect form. Synchronizing the layers in unison, the indicating kick-drum adds a surging level of energy that engulf your senses with one of the best melodies of 2015.

With an Eric Prydz-esque polished finish, the tracks sound elements reflect a high-quality production. Where the small tweaks and adjustments to perfect each layer culminate in a distinctive manner. The timeless effect that every track must have, and every artist chases.

Being released on his Phazing label, this track is set become one of the soundtracks of the 2015 festival scene. One where it becomes the soundtrack of peoples memories.

Available now on Beatport .




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