Disclosure join Kwabs for “Willing & Able”

Disclosure‘s debut album, ‘Caracal’ is making all the right noises. And with their collaborations with Lorde, Miguel and The Weeknd still in the pipeline, the levels of anticipation surrounding Disclosure are some of the highest this year.

The soulful voice of Kwabs is already well-established, with “Walk” becoming one of FIFA 15’s anthem’s. Accompanied by Disclosure’s signature house, garage-esque sound, the British pair bring a more humble, stripped back sound. With Kwabs voice bringing the energy and intensity, the padded kick drum and claps create a strong basis for the organ-infused synths and ‘deep-space’ sounds. With a deep, meaningful lyrical content, the song takes on a listenable, heartfelt vibe – suiting Kwabs’ gospel-jazz voice perfectly.

Better still, the video matches the addictive, alternative nature of Disclosure and the track itself. With a simple brown and yellow colour scheme, the looped and layered outlines of Kwabs performing the track, leave you mesmerised by the graphical content as well as the musical one.

It’s very hard to keep getting better and better in such an intense and dynamic industry, however, what ever compass Disclosure are using to navigate it is certainly doing them the world of good. With ‘Caracal’ due to drop on September 25th, the 5 week wait will inevtible worth it’s weight in gold based on their string of hits already!

Available today, along with “Holding On” and “Omen”, from iTunes

Check out the video below.

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