Dúné – Last Soldiers (Tom Swoon ‘Nightride’ Mix)

When you listen to Tom Swoon‘s music you begin to realise that some people were meant to make music. Swoon is back yet again with another magnificent record to add to his musical catalogue. Perfect for those late night rides, as the name indicates, we have a hunch you won’t just be listening to it once

The brand new mix of Danish electronic rock band, Dúné, see’s Tom Swoon hit the ‘sweet spot’ of musical compostion. Remixing “Last Soldiers”, a little known track to many of us, Swoon twists and turns it into a magical masterpeice. With beautiful vocals accompanied by a low tempo beat, the immersive bassline, and overall effect, have an unique feeling to it. Whether on the highway with your friends or under the stars listening to this, there’s every chance you’ll experience goosebumps.

And as a true musician, Tom is all in it the music and his fans, so guess what? It’s a free download – Enjoy.


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