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We recently got to chat

Exclusive Interview with Candyland

Home Uncategorized Exclusive Interview with Candyland

We recently got to chat with Fro Master Josie, now sole front woman of Candyland for a 1 on 1 in regards to taking on the responsibilities of her former 2 part brand,  and curating new music.

Candyland will be performing at Marquee in New York this Friday the 29th, and we partnered up with her to provide 3 lucky winners 2 tickets to the show. All you need to do is like and share the article on Facebook.

Marquee Candyland

-We know you got started DJ’ing at a young age. What sparked your transition into the EDM world?
I was on Myspace one day and came across DJ AM’s page and it was game over haha. He introduced me to so much music and I was hooked.

-You’re from the 805 like myself, a pretty suburban coastal area – did you find it harder to get started being from a place where EDM didn’t have a huge following?
I think being from Santa Barbara is why I’m even doing what I’m doing. The city of Isla Vista had a really awesome party scene and it made DJing really fun.

-How has the transition gone from being a duo, to a solo act, since Ethan decided to go on his way?
The transition was actually pretty long and pretty natural. We kinda just wanted to do our own thing.

-You’ve had the chance to tour all over – what’s been your favorite venue/festival to perform at?
Amnesia in Ibiza. Just the whole experience, the people, the energy. It was something else.

-From the early beginnings of “Bring the rain”, to recent tracks like “Rage in love” and “Murda”, the contrast between the sound is definitely noticeable. Do you favor any sound in particular, or are you just trying to keep growing and expand your work in general?
Well I’ve never wanted to be stuck in one sound or genre. I didn’t want to be known for one thing so I’ll always try and switch it up.

-Since your sound is so broad, what’s been on your personal playlist as of late?
I literally listen to everything. If you shuffle my iPod you would go from Taylor Swift to Memphis May Fire to A Tribe Called Quest to Drake.

-Do you have any exciting things on the horizon that you can share with us? Releases, tours, festivals, or collaborations?
Going to be working on some live mixes and videos that I’m really stoked about. Just lots of music in the works.

-Lastly – we always want to know what artists in the game think of the current EDM scene, and where it’s headed. Thoughts?
I think people want more lyrically driven music. More melodic. And I think people will start bringing in live instruments. I think its just good quality music now. Its exciting.


Candyland’s latest release, Murda, has generated some serious buzz and is probably the most aggressive track under the name to date. She recently told Billboard:

“I definitely have been wanting to do something a little more aggressive for a while. Sort of sneak back to the old Candyland sound. I think Murda perfectly blends the old with the new. Shows where I’ve been and where I’m trying to go to.”



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