Hardwell & Dannic release “Survivors” Video

The huge Hardwell & Dannic collaboration had their numerous fans brimming with excitement for it’s official release. And now it’s here, comes the inevitable video with such a big track.

Dropping on Revealed Records, the worlds current No.1 DJ and Dannic paired up with Haris to deliver one of the finest vocal tracks from the label this year. “Survivors” gives a taste of the style these two do best, with the video showcasing any important message. That cultural divides can be transcended and traveled beyond, whilst presenting the uniting force that electronic music can create.

Going from an indigenous Amazon tribe, the main character travels across the country to find the source of the track, Hardwell & Dannic. Finishing up at Tomorrowland in a rather slick move, reflecting the united force the festival creates each year.

“Survivors” is available today from Beatport

Check it out yourself below!

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