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“Stardust” a collaboration that started

Jean-Michel Jarre & Armin van Buuren – Stardust

Home Uncategorized Jean-Michel Jarre & Armin van Buuren – Stardust

“Stardust” a collaboration that started its story when two pioneers and gods of electronic music decided to come together to possibly create the most beautiful track of the decade. The legends behind this gem, is Armin Van Buuren together with his childhood idol and inspiration Jean-Michel Jarre. Many of today’s younger dance music fans may not be familiar with the works of Frenchman Jean-Michel Jarre, but he is a godfather of the genre, much like Giorgio Moroder. He has contributed with the first building blocks of today’s dance music, and he also holds the record from 1997 for the largest concert ever performed, with an attendance of 3,500,000 in Moscow!

Mean-while with tours around the world, headlining festivals, hosting his own radio show and more, Armin Van Buuren has managed to reach the same legendary status among the modern dance music community, as Jarre with the old.

With both currently working on new artist albums, Jarre reached out to Armin asking for the collaboration to feature in his new “E-Project”. And with Armin having admired Jean-Michel and his sounds for a major part of his life it was hard to decline the offer.

“It’s a big inspiration for me. He is really one of the reasons why I’m into electronic music” – Armin says.

“Stardust” was premiered at Tomorrowland last weekend, and it was truly a highlight and special moment for those who got to witness the premier. The track includes the perfect blend of both artists’ personal sounds, which was also an important goal for the track.

“I wanted to really make sure that people could clearly hear that that’s Jean-Michel and that’s Armin” – Armin Van buuren.

“I also think that this track is conveying both our identities” – Jean-Michel Jarre.

Together with Armin’s energetic and dynamic signature sounds, combined with Jarre’s work on the effects and melodies of the track, it has truly managed to become the recipe of a masterpiece, filling the listener with a sensational feeling.

So what is the result of two legends who decide to combine their worlds? The answer is “Stardust”.

Stardust will be released on Jean-Michel Jarre’s collaborative album “E-Project” on the 16th of October via Ultra Music, but is already available on Itunes.

Listen to the premier of Stardust on ASOT, and feel free to watch the story behind the track.


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