Krewella End Lawsuit With Rain Man, Discuss Women In EDM

Almost a year has passed since one of the most discussed split-ups in the industry in recent years took place. Eleven months ago, Kris Trindl and Krewella parted ways, leaving a wave of hate and criticism and a highly public lawsuit.

Last September, Richard Busch, attorney for the Yousaf sisters reported:

“Kris chose, unfortunately, to file what we believe to be a baseless lawsuit, and we have now responded with documents that set forth the true facts.”


Busch then went on to say:

“Everything we have to say about the matter is contained within these papers.”


Some accusations in the Yousaf sisters’ court papers included, Kris pretending to DJ:

“While on stage, Kris would generally stand to the side of Jahan and Yasmine and pump his arms, while pretending to DJ; he was onstage primarily for the sake of image.”

Latest reports from Forbes coverage of the lawsuit between Rain Man and Krewella indicate it’s finally coming to an end, as Yasmine and Jahan are said to have recently signed their settlement papers.

No details were disclosed about the settlement, as the sisters chose to remain quiet about their legal matters, however they went on to touch on the gender ‘one-sidedness’ when it comes to festival bookings:


“It’s important to recognize that there is still certain stereotypes,” Jahan said. “There are so many rumors that go around still–if there’s a woman that’s successful it’s because… she slept with this person or she bought her way into this rather than her just having talent.”


Nevertheless, besides all the legal drama, Krewella have still managed to create quite a buzz and rake in around $8 million since June 1, 2014, making them one of the top scoring female EDM acts in the world, according to Forbes.

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