KSHMR to Collaborate with Competition Winner

Two months ago KSHMR participated with Spinnin’ Records newly created Talent Pool contest for a once in a life opportunity for an up-and-coming producer. Given the task to remix KSHMR’s “Jammu”, the winner was to be given the chance to work alongside the world famous US Producer.

With the outright winner has come a possible new star. Krfra earned big praise from the tracks creator saying:

“Kyfra’s remix was the most well produced remix I heard. He kept the spirit of ‘JAMMU’ while evoking a new level of emotion and not relying too heavily on the existing melodies in the track.”

Now doing an official collaboration with Kyfra, two months after participants were first notified, the Talent Pools budding producer community now has even more motivation to stay glued to their notification platforms for the next chance to launch their career into the industry. But with thousands giving their time and effort to the cause, only the best will succeed.

Now with hundreds of thousands of producers now subscribed to their Talent Pool website, you can expect a series of contests in the coming years. With the runner up prizes including production packages, and the San-Diego based Kyfra set to work with one of the hottest talents in the scene right now, it’s exciting time for all parties.

Check out KSHMR’s feedback on the top 3 creations, which also come as a free download, below.

  1. https://www.spinninrecords.com/freedownload/kshmr-jammu-kyfra-remix
  2. https://www.spinninrecords.com/freedownload/kshmr-jammu-mmm-remix
  3. https://www.spinninrecords.com/freedownload/kshmr-jammu-bl3r-remix


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