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The new face of Apple

Kygo reveals favourite artists and pre-show routine

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The new face of Apple Music, Kygo, has experienced an exponential year. Going from unknown, to a viral hit, to now a headlining act within the space of 2 years is a whirlwind transition. Performing at the Billboard Hot 100 Festival for the first time, he caught up with Billboard to answer some of his fans most eager questions.

Revealing his favourite acts, dream collaborations, his experience of performing and how he prepares for a show, Kygo gave a fair bit of insight into his stance for his next career chapter.

Talking about his dream collaborations, Kygo mentioned 3 huge non-EDM artists/groups.

I remixed a lot of songs by Ed Sheeran, and he’s one of my favorite artists so I would love to make a song with him. I love Coldplay and The Weeknd. If I have to choose three, that’s gonna be the three I want to collaborate with.

He also discussed how he gets prepared to go out on stage.

I usually get very excited when I’m at the venue, and I can hear other acts playing before me, you can hear the crowd cheering. When you’re at a festival or a venue, you get the atmosphere and you just get very excited.

Mentioning the influence of Conrad Sewell, the voice of “Firestone”, Kygo seems to find solace in someone taking the crowd interaction/hype role as he focuses on the musical composition of his stage new live show format.

It’s been a dream, “Firestone” was my first single that I ever released, and the response that song has been getting, it’s so cool to play it at festivals and shows where everybody sings along. I guess when I bring Conrad, it brings a new dimension to my show when he comes on stage. He’s really good at pumping the crowd up.

See the interview video here

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