Mako Re-Enter Through ‘Smoke Filled Room’

Alex Seaver and Logan Light, forming the duo Mako, have worked their progressive magic once again in their latest production effort ‘Smoke Filled Room’. Mako have had numerous hot releases of late, including their collaboration with Steve Angello ‘Children Of The Wild’ and vocal release ‘I Won’t Let You Walk Away’ with Madison Beer. Their integration of classical inspiration with dance music continues to astound, producing unique melodies and harmonies that circumvent the typical and repetitive style that pervades the dance music scene.

‘Smoke Filled Room’ features distinctive vocals from Alex himself, who has also sung on a number of other Mako releases and IDs, in combination with primarily piano-driven chords before giving way to a drop in pure progressive style. In particular, the lyrics carry a particularly deep meaning, effectively telling a story as with many of Mako’s other tracks. We here at We Rave You cannot wait for the future release of Mako tracks, including some that have been previewed in their infrequent live shows.

‘Smoke Filled Room’ is available now from Ultra Records on Beatport.