Martin Garrix Takes On The Weeknd’s “I Can’t Feel My Face”

It is here. The pop sensation’s catchy vocals from ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ crossed with the skills of mainstream Electronic Music sensation Martin Garrix.

After exploring a new sound with tracks like ‘The Only Way Is Up’ with Tiesto, ‘Forbidden Voices’ and ‘Don’t Look Down’ with hip-hop star Usher, the youngster from Amstelveen remixes what has probably undergone a lot of remixing. But as is known to all, Garrix‘s age puts no bar on the talent that he posses and he puts forth just that in this remix of The Weekend‘s ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’.

Clear cut sounds blend into the catchy vocals from the rising Canadian Popstar only to be transformed completely by Garrix into a massive drop with a catchy melody. Though there are a lot of mixes out there and from varying genres that too but this one is heading straight for the main stage and your playlists. Wait for this one to be dished out, till then you can enjoy this preview uploaded by the man himself.

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