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Nero's official return has been

Nero release “Two Minds” Official Video

Home Uncategorized Nero release “Two Minds” Official Video

Nero’s official return has been nothing short of highly anticipated. Breaking their silence with “The Thrill”, they certainly stirred up a buzz after a 5 month long social media blackout back in March.  Their up and coming second album ‘BETWEEN II WORLDS’ is available for pre-order now. However it’s their newest released single and it’s official video that has “Two Minds” making waves already.

What starts as a skyscraper filled, future-esque urban city, emerges a woman made out of purely static energy. She begins her search through the city, encountering a group of break dancers before coming across a male that she clearly takes some interest in. Before they can get close, they are met by a trio of mobsters with futuristic weaponry, that are looking to send her back to where she came from. Dodging them by jumping into static screens of televisions,the woman flees and the human males sets out to search for her once again. We are still unsure about the relationship between the two, until we are given a flashback, a very dark flashback of the couple happily together before she is kidnapped for some sort of experiment. They re-unite just in time, for the male to kiss her static lips where he becomes absorbed into her, growing into one giant single being. Making off into giant static buildings where they can once again be united, forever.

Here’s to a modern story. Check out the new music video below!

The track is available for pre-order on iTunes.

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