Oliver Heldens releases free alter ego track

Oliver Heldens has been on fire this year – and while he’s clearly made a name for himself in the world of dance music, having just one name in the game is not enough. Helden’s has recently outted himself as Hi-Lo, an even deeper, more industrial production version of himself.

Coming off the smash hit “Renegade Mastah”, we’re given the second official, and free release under the alias, by name of “Wappy Flirt”.  While bass music is likely coming into full swing this year, we’re excited to see it continue to evolve and broaden the EDM spectrum even more – not say there’s not enough genre’s already! Today’s young DJ’s, such as Heldens, are certainly leading the way for the dance music scene and influencing its ongoing evoluation.

Just released, you can download it straight from his soundcloud page.

Image Source: Rukes