Our Top10 tracks from Michael Calfan in celebration of his birthday

As Michael Calfan turns 26, we reflect on the already stellar career he’s endured and enjoyed to date.

It’s at times like these you realise how good some artists catalogues are. Seeing their tracks listed, one after another, enhances your appreciation for their production ability. And for the young Frenchman, this couldn’t be more true.

Having being brought under Bob Sinclar’s wing in 2008, it was with Axwell that Calfan really made traction within the scene. Since then we have seen a streak of hits that spans accross the progressive house spectrum, and extend into a variety of other sub-genre’s. While not always in the spotlight, it’s hard to not like and appreciate Michael’s music. The likeable Frenchy has had a hand in putting together some of the distinctive tracks from the past 5 years. Which has us very excited with what the next 5 years and beyond may bring!

In no particular order, here are We Rave You’s Top10 Michael Calfan Tracks:

1. Michael Calfan – Treasured Soul
One of his first song from his mini reinvention. Venturing into more alternative genres, instruments and sounds, Calfan manages to blend his established repetitiveness with something refreshing and unheard. No easy task in today’s scene.

2. Michael Calfan – Mercy
Catching onto the summer, instrumental trend, Michael opts for harmonica’s over basslines. A simple, yet fully satisfying interpretation of the trending sound, it’s easy to see why he has such wide appeal.

3. David Guetta feat. Sia – She Wolf ‘Falling To Pieces’ (Michael Calfan Remix)
While arguably one of Guetta’s best ever tracks, the Frenchman’s take on the track really adds something. With another layer of drums and an additional melody, the song becomes a 6-minute banger while still retaining it’s infectious vibe.

4. Michael Calfan – Prelude (Original Mix)
Easily one of his defining track from his career to date, “Prelude” and its characteristic vocal loops and riffs helped demonstrate he was more than just a talented progressive remixer and producer. Earning him great respect and in turn, rising popularity.

5. Michael Calfan – Resurrection (Axwell’s Recut Club Version)
Arguably his biggest track in terms of where it took his career, Axwell’s polishing touches to one of the most fulfilling melodies in the genre have led to millions worldwide listening, jumping, raving and loving the track. With the track’s ‘epicness’ reflected in its artwork,  it’s easy to see why it’s one of his most popular.

6. John Dahlback, Michael Calfan, Andy P. – Let Your Mind Go feat. Andy P. (Original Mix)
Collaborations are pretty rare in Calfan’s career. So it would have to take something special to lure him and his talents to join others. However, what results when he works with John Dahlback is nothing short of spectacular. Check out that melody!

7. Marcus Schossow – Reverie (Michael Calfan Remix)
Another Axtone release for Michael reflected his elite talent and growing respect from many in the scene.  However, the remix didn’t follow the raving melody path. Instead opting for a darker, layered approach with a pounding drum sequence, with the results speaking for themselves.

8. Michael Calfan – No Man’s Land
With his renowned sound comes big tracks. “No Man’s Land” was given away as a free download, causing fans to rejoice as the prospect of liberated Calfan music. And it got even better when the strings, melody and drums culminated in the 6-minute production below!

9. Major Lazer – Powerful feat. Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley (Michael Calfan Remix)
His latest track on the list further recognizes the diversification his catalogue has experience over the past couple of years. Taking on Major Lazer is no easy task, but with the fusion of his melodic signature and experimentation comes the best remix of the original to date.

10. Switchfoot – Who We Are (Michael Calfan Remix)
Switchfoot’s original was a perfectly good track. However Michaels remix seemed to add something else. That x-factor. With some finest vocals on his tracks joining one of his cleanest melodies to date, he really does capture the tracks essence in an electronic element.

Honourable mentions:

11. Oliver Heldens – Koala (Michael Calfan Remix)
Remixing a renowned and established banger such as Koala is no easy task. In fact it can be a rather daunting task. However, it allows the Frenchman to dabble in the deeper, future house genre, adding his own vocal loop and reinventing the song.

12. Michael Calfan – Last Call
How this didn’t get released will cease to amaze many of his fans. The track incorporates that staple, high-energy piano melody we’ve comes to know and love with a surging kick-drum and humble synths to bring together one of the best progressive tracks Calfan’s done. Pity we haven’t heard more of it!


And there we have it. Our Top10 Michael Calfan tracks (so far) in celebration of his birthday.

Happy Birthday Michael!

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