Porter Robinson Launches Clothing Line

One of electronic musics favorite producers, Porter Robinson, is launching brand new merchandise for all of his adoring fans. The new clothing line fuses the distinct artistic nature of music production with apparel, bringing characteristic graphics and warm colours.

The line is a work of collaboration with one of Porter’s favorite clothing brands, Galaxxxy, a unsurprisingly Japanese based company. Inspired by his recent album ‘Worlds’, the clothing line is already proving to be a massive success with his followers.

Porter commented during an interview with “The Fader” saying:

Weirdly, we met through Vine, but I was already a fan of them. So in 2013 I was in Japan, and the clerk in the Shibuya 109 Galaxxxy location was wearing the same socks as me, so I made a short video which GALAXXXY saw and retweeted. My label in Japan, KSR, then reached out to them about a collaboration, and they sent designs right away.

He also added:

I think pretty much anyone who is interested in fashion can find style they like there. Harajuku represents a whole breadth of styles; if you have an interest in fashion at all, you’re pretty likely to see something you’re into.I routinely see stuff when I’m there that would make New York Fashion Week dudes jealous. J-Fashion is just incredibly inspiring.

Here, checkout Porter’s “kawaii” clothing line.
If you’re interested in getting your own Porter Robinson clothing, click here.

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