Pryda Vol II has finally landed

As the Pryda label brings up its 10-year anniversary, Pryda himself is embarking on a 3 EP release to help mark the occasion. For progressive house fans alike, news like that from Eric Prydz is news sent straight from the heavens. With probably the one of the most extensive catalogues in the business, Eric is still able to include an array of new material from either of his alias’.

The label’s anniversary celebrations kicked off with the first Pryda EP, Vol I, bringing to the forefront many tracks that have often appeared as ID’s. However Vol II takes a more Cirez D side of Pryda as opposed to Vol I which saw Pryda show flickers of the original Prydz. The 6 track EP takes on an alternate energy, with more cumulative effect.

“Welcome To My House” opens up proceedings beautifully, with an orchestral introduction that searches for its electronic layers. This elegant build up if overlaid with an unexpected but refreshing robotic vocal riff before the funky bassline begins the formal build-up. Continuing on Vol I’s symphonic, robotic themes, Vol II opens up with a calmer but purposeful vibe, acting as an atmosphere-setter as well as a track in its own right.

“Annexet” fades in quickly with a kick-drum setting the pulse early on. With deep, mysterious FX sounds overlaying the snare and base layers, the tracks rises from the depths with light, distant harmonies. Continuing his habit of pulling back the layers before surging ahead with an energized, developed construction for the track, Pryda set’s the bar high early on.

“Clapham” and its humble introduction is not to be under-estimated. In fact is leads to one of the most satisfying crescendo’s on the EP. While unexpected, the path traveled through distant, rising sirens, a building beat rhythm and developing layering culminates in one of the most varied tracks in Vol II. Reflecting Prydz’ ability to not only vary his sound, format and style, but also the method of variation as well.

“Snaz” is more typical of the established Pryda sound. And while for some that may be underwhelming and repetitive, to the keen ear it just another example and excuse to listen to the magician at work. Rarely will something so artistically crafted cease to impress you. Oh and did we mention the happy fact it is over 11 minutes long…

“Rush” takes on the role as more of a necessitated EP member as opposed to taking a staring role. EP’s loose their overall atmosphere and effect when varied tracks of big status are piled together. Then they do not become places where you can loose yourself to the world, they become greatest hit compilations, which serve their own purpose. The track has a deeper tone to it, however has periods of high-intensity and effect, developing its diversity as the claps, beat and rhythm carrying the song well over the 9 minute mark.

“T.I.D” wraps up the EP in a way only Eric Prydz and his Pryda alias could. Wrapping up not only the EP, but also the themes that have extended throughout the 10 tracks from both Vol I and Vol II. With symphonic elements, a long build-up, deeper sounds and space-age motifs, the track brings together in 8-minutes what the previous 9 tracks had helped develop. The artistic genius of the man is ingenious. It’s as simple as that.

While the EP does not include a melody driven bomb such as  “Opus”, with Prydz’ debut album coming soon and Vol III expected next month, there’s arguably no need. Sometimes less is more.  While Pryda is never less, in terms of anthemic stature Vol II offer’s little peak-time thrillers and more minutes demonstrating the curating nature of the man. In turn making it one of the most complete EP’s in the genre.

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