Garmiani – Jump & Sweat (Feat. Sanjin)

Recently released on Dim Mak Records and hot off his release of “Zaza”, Garmiani has delivered his latest track – “Jump and Sweat” featuring the vocals of Sanjin. The track, which features laser samples, tropical percussion and Sanjin’s reggae-style vocals showcases the Swedish based producers adroitness. Garmiani delivers a festival drop that builds from an intro and build that are primarily driven by powerful and bright piano chords and Sanjin’s signature vocals.

Available now on Beatport .


I've spent about 8 years fully involved in EDM and can't get enough of it. I Produce and DJ with genres ranging from deep house and progressive to Trap and dubstep. I hope you enjoy the blog, the music and all it has to offer as much as I do.

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