Sebjak & Matt Nash ft. Eric Turner – Fire Higher

Sebjak & Matt Nash, two of Sweden’s and the Uk’s rising stars already have an extensive musical career. Uniting forces for “Fire Higher” the pair’s collaboration fuses their two sounds and styles together. Sebjak’s releases on big labels such as SIZE are ever-increasing, reflecting his ascenion up the scenes ranks. While Nash isn’t as recognised for his work, it is of a quality that could match those with over a million fans, having been behind numerous tunes, including the iconic anthem “Starlight” in collaboration with Don Diablo. Both artists repuation for delivering quality over quantity, is a testament to their character, and itself is a seemingly unique trait in the scene today.

Not to overlook the obvious, and one of the tracks main draw-cards, featuring Eric Turner‘s vocals is no small attribute. If your memory is good enough, you’ll remember that Eric is no newcomer to the scene. “Dancing In My Head” became an anthem for many dance music fans, thanks to the Avicii treatment it received.

“Fire Higher” is a euphoric progressive tune from a collaboration we would have not expected at the start of the year. A beautiful production, powerful build-up and explosive drop that will even cause the laziest ones to instinctive dance. Breaking in with Eric’s tuned vocals, his deep, harmonic voice transcends the building layers. With an organ-infused development, the distant, forecoming progression delivers one of the loudest cresendo’s from the pairs material to date.

Sometimes, unexpected collaborations are the best, and this one is no exception. A phenomenal electronic tune with a heavy melody, we have a hunch – and a hope – it will be getting a fair bit of attention for both Sebjak & Matt Nash.

Availible on 28th August exclusively on Beatport



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