Shift K3Y – Still Love You

If you were looking for the next breakthrough artist and some fresh music, let me introduce you to Shift K3Y.

Gaining fame quickly, Shift K3Y has already released tracks on major labels such as Borgore‘s cherished Buygore, or Steve Aoki‘s Dim Mak. Plus, hear this, his single “Touch” peaked at number 3 of UK Singles Chart. Quite impressive.

The british artist is not only an incredible producer, but also songwriter and singer. “Still Love You” is the culmination of his talent. Shift K3Y has for sure a very unique style. Blending his powerful instrumental production, based on heavy kicks, with his incredible voice gives birth to “Still Love You”.

If this is not exactly you’re cup of tea, we strongly encourage you to check the artists’ soundcloud, since the artist beginned his career with more groovy-housy tracks, which are really nice as well.

Shift K3Y – Still Loving You is available now on iTunes.


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