Skrillex Speaks Up About Justin Bieber & Deadmau5

Known for his reserved demeanor with the press, Skrillex rarely expresses his opinions on controversial issues. Contrary to his wild savage-like production style, he is a extremely polite person and treats every with respect. During his interview with AMP 92.3, a radio station in New York, Skrillex shares his two cents on the recent behavior of Deadmau5 and the mass criticism on Justin Bieber.

Interviewer Shoboy mentioned the parody of “Where Are U Now” that Deadmau5 posted on his Soundcloud a while back and asked what Sonny thought about it. He responded: “I’ll always have love for Joel, but he’s an a**hole and everyone knows that. And he knows that and that’s kinda his thing.” – obviously annoyed by Deadmau5’s actions.

Sonny also praised Justin Bieber:

“He’s the most talented, gifted kid I’ve ever seen… he’s good at everything, he freestyles, like sometimes we would just make a beat in the booth, and he would just start freestyling like a comedian.”

Ending the interview with the topic of “bullying” Sonny spoke out:

“No matter what, society can be hard. As long as you stick together in a group of people that are like minded, doing positive things, all of that stuff goes away,” says Skrillex. “There’s always someone like you. That’s when you have to take responsibility and be bigger and step outside of yourself and reach out to someone and mentor someone else.”

Check out the entire interview below.