Soundcloud breaks mainstream trends with list of top listened to artists

With the shift from CD’s to digital download and online streaming, Soundcloud has emerged as a platform that caters to the lesser well known artists looking to build their fan base through their displays of talent. Though countless allegations of copyright infringement have plagued Soundcloud’s business model in recent months, the future looks bright for the audio platform’s future.

Whether you’re a bedroom producer or the struggling professional looking to get signed, soundcloud has proven to be a platform dedicated to appreciation of musical talent. Not only has their business model started to heavily support the discovery of raw talent, but their users have shown a great interest in finding the undiscovered. Soundcloud’s top ten played artists is one way of looking at this, boasting artists through starting to build a mainstream fan base are still relatively unknown.

Top ten artists on Soundcloud:

1. Drake

2. Major Lazer

3. G-Eazy

4. Future

5. Kygo


7. Chris Brown

8. Kid Ink

9. The Weeknd

10. Chance The Rapper

Drake topping the list doesn’t shock any surprise, however the appearances of artists such as Chance The Rapper, Kygo, The weeknd and PARTYNEXTDOOR shows a clear break through the mainstream chart toppers such as those featured on Spotify’s top 10, with the likes of Calvin Harris, Chris Brown and Pitbull being included in the list.

The audio streaming platform has also reported a much larger monthly streaming audience, pulling in over 250 million monthly streamers with Spotify satisfying just under 80 million monthly users. With the increasing competitiveness and difficulty with keeping authentic as a producer, soundcloud is establishing itself as a strong force in the music industry that’ll allow smaller artists to ethically promote their talents to their fans.

Source: YourEDM

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