Starkillers accuses Avicii of stealing “Bromance”

One of the definitive electronic tracks from this decade’s early days was “Bromance“. With it’s legendary melody and infectious vocals, it truly is a masterpiece amongst the vast electronic catalogue.

However, Avicii‘s (then performing under the name Tim Berg) creation has been brought into question. Starkillers, with 12 Beatport No.1’s under his belt, two of which are in the top 25 selling of all time, came out on July 31st questioning the source and ethics of Avicii’s production.

Attacking Avicii’s manger and management rather than Avicii himself, the Swede’s rise to success has been well-documented, with his manager a consistent name associated with his achievements. And it appears Starkillers believes Ash Pournouri (Avicii’s manager) used the track to propel his artist into the big leagues without even crediting him. 

More than just a DJ/Producer, Avicii has become a brand name for electronic dance music, with his name often being used in unrelated tracks titles to gain traffic and interest. As you will see from Starkillers Twitter rant, the evidence isn’t exactly questionable. In fact it’s pretty damn plausible. 

It’s clearly got under the American’s skin, a veteran of the game nowadays, with the final Tweet’s really showing his frustration at the issue. And with the evidence posted at the bottom of the string, it’s going to be interesting how this one pans out!

Take a look below and judge for yourself!


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