Steve Angello makes a spectacular opening sequence at Omnia Las Vegas

With the days alongside Axwell /\ Ingrosso behind him, Steve Angello has really come into his own in his latest career chapter. After an intense touring schedule, a residency at BBC Radio 1 with Pete Tong and now a permanent name on the role at Omnia Club in Las Vegas, it seems there’s little Angello’s reach cannot achieve.

Bringing his signature nostalgic yet futuristic stadium vibe, Omnia is certain in for treat if his latest opening sequence is anything to go by. With production qualities both musically and visually parallel to that of an equipped major festival, the dramatic 6 minutes is almost awe-inspiring.

Opening the night with coordinated lighting and building anticipation, the trumpet-infused notes give way to overwhelming light cascades, you get the feeling it’s not just any DJ making their entrance. With traditional instrument’s leading the choral cumulation, the cued lighting sequence adds another dimension of pure jubilation. With the dropping of the bass signalling the start of memorable night, the audience is left with a conundrum – to applaud and cheer, or stand in silent, gob-smacked amazement.

With Omnia’s reputation already renowned for big names, big performances and even bigger production, this sequence by Steve Angello begs the question what can they possible do next?!

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