VINAI & SCNDL – Frontier

Emerging as two of the biggest name in Melbourne Bounce, VINAI and SCNDL have earned themselves this reputation through a flurry of  individually heart winning releases. However, when you join these two forces, the product is something quite exceptional.

VINAI has been discredited with the reputation of ‘lack of creativity’ and ‘flagrant recycling’ of tracks, even though the current production doesn’t show any exceptional musical enlightenment, it’s definitely a change from the previous reuse of melodies.

Taking their fellow Melbourne-bounce and creatively inspired duo SCNDL on board was a smart decision. Switching things up with a new midwest influenced sample, their collaborative effort ‘Frontier’, features high energy and bouncy synths turned up to max. With rocking basslines and heavy melodies, Frontier is sure to light dance floors on fire.