Watch Deadmau5 hilariously troll Justin Bieber on the Jack Ü Interview for New York Times

The New York Times recently released a video examining the inner workings of the Jack Ü hit ‘Where Are you now’ featuring the vocals of Pop singer Justin Bieber. Artists Diplo and Skrillex that make up the duo known for their crazy take on electronic music genres answer all the questions people have been asking since the track was released, one of which being to do with the flute sounding sample That is actually a distorted and edited clip of Justin singing. Justin Bieber also features in the video, and Deadmau5 couldn’t help himself when he heard Justin talk about Diplo and Skrillex’s style of music composition.

“It’s expensive. it’s like the sounds that are used are not cheap. They’re very expensive sounding sounds”

Deadmau5 obviously could not hold back his thoughts on Bieber in the video, and we’re so glad he didn’t!

Deadmau5 also made his own parody video which he posted to Instagram showing you exactly how expensive these sounds can be:

If you haven’t seen the New York Time’s exclusive interview, watch it here




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