Watch Parents React To DJ Snake’s Iconic Track “Turn Down For What”

“Turn Down For what” is one of the most iconic EDM tracks released in 2014 . It is also the track that made DJ Snake’s career and introduced the “trap” genre to the general public. Whether it be the danceable beat, aggressive vocals or the sinister music video, it has left an strong impression on everyone who’s caught a glimpse of it. DJ Snake has created this track as a true ode to the modern mainstream EDM – something that will live on and be passed down to the next generation.

“Turn Down For What” became so popular that even many of the parents out there knew about or even enjoyed the track.  YouTube channel “React” has recently posted a video of them showing the track to a few parents, quizzing their knowledge on the track. Before the beat even dropped, one of the moms screamed out “Oh.. haha I heard this song before…” followed by another dad who sang along when the hook hits. Though they might not know about the producer behind the track, they all had a general knowledge about this banger. Check out the video below.