We Rave You Radio – Episode 5 by Lush & Simon

Rising Italian duo Lush & Simon have broken onto the scene of the past couple of years or so. Our Episode 5 curators have continued the trend of extending the podcast across genre spectrum’s and to new heights of reputation. Silkily combining mainstream hits with dominate electro drops, to blending their original material with summer-infused tropical house, Lush & Simon prove their elevating status within the industry with an hour musical delight.

While previous episodes have spanned across emotions in their effect, Lush & Simon opt for a narrower, considerate approach. Opening with one of their biggest hits along side Paris & Simon “Drop The Pressure” set’s the purposeful tone towards an edgy, hard-kicking start. With 5 of the first 8 tracks sourcing from the Italian duo, it’s fair to say their production material fits more than comfortably alongside the likes of Mat Zo, Tom Swoon and Swedish House Mafia’s incorporated work. With diverse changes in tempo and energy, the set causes a savvy ear to be listening at all times.

With harmonic tracks like “V.I.P” leading towards a funky, electro remix of “Lean On”, the first 30-minutes definitely leaves you guessing as to what’s coming next, and that’s no mistake. Fading into the combination of “Shades of Grey” and Sam Feldt’s “Show Me Love”, the set takes a softer direction before the likes of Flume and Marshmello’s remix of “Where Are U” bring on a powerful back-end to the podcast. Featuring rapper Big Sean, more of their own material and Axwell /\ Ingrosso’s “Sun Is Shining” in all it’s glory, the podcast certainly finished on a good note.

Leaving the podcast at less of a cliff-hanger and more of a withdrawn, deconstructed vibe, the duo leave you in a calm state of mind, even though your heart is still likely racing. Reaching the humble milestone of 5 podcasts is not a easy task, nor one to highly commended. However, the caliber of material and artists that have been a part of We Rave You’s hour-long set’s reflect it respected status. Which leaves many of us pondering as to who will be featuring in the next 5 podcasts and beyond…Stay tuned to fine out!


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