Zac Efron Expresses His Opinion On Alesso As His DJing Mentor

We Are your Friends centers around a young DJ (Zac Efron) who’s aspiration to become a professional DJ in the music industry and EDM scene becomes challenged by his feeling for his Mentor’s (Wes Bentley) assistant and Girlfriend (Emily Ratajkowski).

For most of us ordinary EDM lovers, a chance to be guided in DJing by icon Alesso would probably only be a figment of our imagination. However, for ‘We Are Your Friends’ lead actor Zac Effron, this is only a minor event, a tiny part in a very successful career.

In an interview with Thump, the hollywood heartthrob shares his views about the same:

“Alesso showed me how to really feel the music and get the crowd pumped up” Says Efron. Continuing, “When he Transitions a track, he jumps up in the air”.

during an interview Efron revealed that along with Wes Bentley (The actor playing Efron’s mentor in the movie) Alesso was one of the DJ’s in the industry who taught him how to DJ. Continuing, he said “I was aware in the mainstream sense of what was popular and accessible. I didn’t really delve deep into all the different genres”.

Through his many private DJ lessons with Alesso, Efron told the Hollywood reporter during his L.A premier that the best advice he got was “Just have fun and enjoy yourself when you’re on the decks”.

Alesso also commented on his involvement in the film, saying that “It’s a lot of things to think about to become a DJ, but mainly to entertain the people and still do your thing”.

A film that has caught quite a bit of heat from the EDM industry is for sure going to be a must see at the end of this week for all, fans and non fans a like.

We Are Your Friends releases August 28th. Although the plot is very hit or miss, we hope it is huge hit amongst the EDM community.