September 2015

Makj's music production, live shows and instagram have earned him a huge reputation over the last couple of years. The DJ born and raised in California released an array of a productions in 2013, including 3 Beatport Top 10 hits including a #1 hit with Hardwell. This year it Makj makes us seem like 2015 is in the bags again. With dancefloor bangers like his

Jeremy Olander is renowned for his progressive house and techno talents. Which makes it even more satisfying that one of Eric Prdyz' long-time prodigy's has just released a new EP. Because there's something about finding the lesser known and equally as good music that makes the listening ever-more sweeter. The 27-year-old Swede is another one from the Pryda and Swedish house

The history of Thomas Gold & Deniz Koyu's 'Never Alone' dates all the way back to Mysteryland 2013. First premiered a two years ago by Thomas Gold at this show, it was rumoured to be a release on Swedish icon Axwells label 'Axtone'. Soon, Adrian Lux added to the confusion by revealing a track with the same vocal arrangements. For the

Welcome to our brand new exclusive editorial series 'Rising Talents Around The Globe'. Here at We Rave You, we like to think about ourselves as music lovers and not just promoters of commercial music, and that's exactly why we are starting this editorial, series seeking the very best Emerging talents around the globe. To kick off, we decided to choose Mexico,

Shufflers and future house fanatics rejoice, Oliver Heldens' is back with an edit of his own track. You heard that right, Oliver's alter-ego HI-LO has taken his swing on MHATLP before its release. The collaboration with Da Hool has been blaring through festival speakers the whole summer and has definitely been one of the most highly awaited tracks in this period.

Unlike what the detractors of EDM may think, this world is also populated by real musical geniuses, and one of them is Hasit Nanda. Born and raised in Delhi, India, Hasit discovered early on that he was gifted. For him, playing the piano came naturally. At tender ages Hasit would show the flair and expertise of  a world class pianist. Being self

Lucky Date is back on Revealed, this time together with Toby Green for their upcoming release "Firebird". American producer also known as Jordan Atkins-Loria and the young Danish talent decided to join forces to create a fresh blend of instrumental music. Premiered on 'Hardwell On Air', "Firebird" is a powerful and energizing track. It is the perfect mixture of outstanding electric piano chords with powerful baselines

While the pandemonium of  TomorrowWorld's 3rd day has unraveled all over social media sites covering the fans perspective of the event, it seem's the artists opinion on the matter isn't that far off either. While not all of the headliners have commented on the matter, Kaskade is certainly the one publicly condemning the festival the most bluntly. And it's sort of