Amersy drops the melodic “Paradox”

Amersy is back at it with a song titled “Paradox”. The song follows suit with his past works such as “Vavion” and “New Era”.

Paradox is a very interesting song, as it is a style that is reminiscent of EDM about 3 years ago. It reminds us of Swedish House Mafia or Alesso, most notably with his song “Nillionaire“. Perhaps this song is a bit too similar to Nillionaire, so much so that when we first heard of Paradox  we had a hunch we had heard something similar to this before. Not only do they sound similar, but both of their drops are structured just about the same. Perhaps it is a tribute to them, or perhaps Amersy is trying to bring back the style. Who knows.

With that said, it will be interesting to see where Amersy goes next. Will he continue with a style that peaked three years ago, or if he will move on and try even more genre’s and styles. Time will tell.

Available now on Beatport

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