Armin Van Buuren Look-alike pulls prank in Las Vegas

Armin van Buuren has a pretty distinctive look within the industry. You can’t miss the experienced heavy-weights iconic Dutch smile unless you’re blindfolded. So if one were to look like him, then one could have a significant amount of fun, in theory.

Comedian Patrick O’Sullivan found out about his uncanny resemblance with the DJ legend, and as a comedian came to the logical conclusion a prank could be had. Leading to the evidently named ‘Armin van Buuren Billboard prank’.

O’Sullivan positioned himself on a Las Vegas street corner, conveniently positioned in front of a giant billboard with, you guessed it, Armin van Buuren doing the same pose.  With his friend pretending to be his assistant on the street, passersby were clueless to the presence of a the prank. Dressed identically to the image of Van Buuren on the Omnia billboard behind, O’Sullivan then continued the act, coping the symbolic and default signature arms-spread Jesus stance Armin uses every set. The real fun begins when adoring fans run up to him though…

Watch the crafty prank unfold in the video below!


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