Arty Launches Remix Contest for Latest Single

Want to produce a remix for one of the world’s biggest producers? Then you’re in luck, because progressive house maestro Arty has just launched an official remix contest for his latest single ‘Braver Love’, featuring vocals from Conrad. This is a real chance for upcoming producers to make a name for themselves, as the winning remix will be released on Insomniac Records. Arty’s music is usually well produced and creative, so there’s no doubt he will be looking for something special in the entries. The original track is filled with harmonic piano sequences, rising chords, tempo-setting drums, and distant sirens. So now you can get creative and give the track your own personal touch.

Submissions are being accepted up until October 2nd, with the winner being announced on October 13th. In this particular contest it is important to note that all submissions must be submitted via Youtube only, as Soundcloud or Wavo Uploads will be removed from the chart. Visit the official contest page for stems and more information. Good luck!