Audien returns To His Roots with “Daydreams”

If you have been monitoring the electronic dance music scene closely over the last few years, you need no introduction to US native producer Audien.

Having said the above, you should be no stranger to producers coming up, releasing a couple of good tracks and then just riding the wave. Then they disappear for a few years and hop on the next hype train and do it all over again with the next trendy sound.

Now, having a new sound is nothing bad, of course, we’re all up for it, however Audien seems to be one of very few artists that have managed to keep delivering new and very exciting music over and over in the last few years, yet maintain that same feeling, structure and overall sound design, without getting boring.

Audien, himself, announced his latest EP “Daydreams” a few weeks ago and got everyone excited, showcasing a preview of “Room” which is supposedly the main track – Reminding many of us of the massive tune, “Wayfarer”, from back in the day. He even went on to say that this is a special track and that didn’t surprise us:

“Those that have heard my earlier work will understand why this is one of my favorites off of my new EP”

The EP consists of two more vocal tracks that get you wondering why the only instrumental one was chosen to be the main track. The one that stands out the most out of the rest is definitely “Pharaohs” ft. Voyageur. “Pharaohs” carries that same happy, euphoric feeling we are used to hearing from Audien, however it unfolds in a melodic trap drop.

Last but not least comes “Monaco” ft. RUMORS. If you’ve listened to Audien’s latest works, “Insomnia” and “Something Better”, “Monaco” won’t come as a surprise. It’s hard to miss that typical Audien sound and stacked chords, combined with the vocals from RUMORS, “Monaco” is a well blended mix of house and pop music, that will get you out of bad mood if you’re listening to it on the radio and will work equally good in a festival atmosphere. Good job Audien!

Download Audien’s EP “Daydreams”:

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