Above & Beyond Return With “Fly To New York” Video

The legendary Above & Beyond are back, with a soulful, majestic work as usual. “Fly To New York” is part of the newest album from the UK based trio, featuring the stunning vocals of Zoë Johnston.

This is one of the most deep and touching works from the beloved band, Above & Beyond. The vocals find their way to your heart in no time, with an anthemic production taking its description beyond words. Real soul-filled music, with a wonderful melody. The tracks effect is only heightened by the video out as well. When auditory art meets visual art, its a powerful combination with a big emotional effect.

The video for the song features the themes of family values,  love, and sadness within its story. We’re not going to give you any spoiler alerts because things like this are only to be experienced, but the photography, the editing, the lightning, the actors and the vibe of the ‘Big Apple’ leave you in a mood of tranquility and satisfaction. If you’re close to going to an Above & Beyond concert, be sure that this track will unite once again the crowd, and will make you feel a part of a family. As Above & Beyond so often do.

Some of their fellow industry artists should take a moment to learn that real music isn’t always about the sound, and popular trends. Rather music with real purpose behind it and creativity will always leave a longer legacy. No wonder why this is Electric Zoo‘s new anthem.


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